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Terms & Conditions


CAM-CONTENT S.L. grants you (hereafter ‘User’) the free use of the system against payment.


CAM-CONTENT S.L. shall not assume any guarantee for a specific purpose or that the offered service features satisfy individual requirements of the user.


By providing his password and user ID, the User swears in lieu of oath, i.e. specifically verifying the correctness of his declaration, that he is at least 18 years old.


The User furthermore swears in lieu of oath that he shall prevent persons under the age of 18 from accessing the content of the following sites by any means and undertake suitable security measures, so that persons under the age of 18 do not obtain any access to his password, supervisor code and therefore to these sites and the chat area. The User ensures that he has equipped his hardware with filtering software, which ensures the protection of minors through identification and filtering of Internet content, which has already been carried out.


The User furthermore swears in lieu of an oath that he will not allow any persons under the age of 18 to participate in his session on the following sites and in the chat area.


The User must conduct himself in the chat area, such that he does not offend the performer with whom he is in conversation, demean her dignity or personality or otherwise insult or abuse her. Such conduct by the User will be punished with his immediate exclusion from the chat area.


The User acknowledges that in case of non-compliance with the conditions of use, he can anticipate legal consequences, right up to criminal prosecution.


The User explicitly declares that he agrees to his personal data (as per the Multimedia Act) be saved for the term of this processing, to the extent that it is necessary for processing the use of the following sites.


The usage fees shall be charged as follows: The charging takes place through a debit posting from a coin credit balance. Depending on the service, coins will be debited from the credit balance once or per time unit. A subsequent or recurring debit to your account, credit card,… does not take place by the operator.


By using the system, the User bindingly declares that he has acknowledged these conditions of use. The User has the possibility of printing out the conditions of use of the provider used by him at any time. When using the system, you consent to all conditions of the contract specified above and below !


Not all LiveChatCams/VoyeurCams are available for 24 hours. You can find detailed online times in the respective timetables, as well as in the LiveChatCam overview.


The operator of this site does not assume any liability for links to external sites and distances himself from any content.


The User has no entitlement to access or use of the platforms, in particular, CAM-CONTENT S.L. does not guarantee him any type of availability of the website.


Sub-contractors and third parties:
CAM-CONTENT S.L. is permitted to involve sub-contractors and other third parties at any time when operating www.livestrip.com. CAM-CONTENT S.L. explicitly points out that with the involvement of sub-contractors and other third parties, within the context of order data processing, data can be forwarded to these parties.


CAM-CONTENT S.L. shall not assume any liability for content, performance or other conduct, as well as data and files, which take place/are forwarded by other users, performers or other third parties in Live-Strip.


If a contract is concluded between CAM-CONTENT S.L. and the visitor to set up and operate a prepaid account, CAM-CONTENT S.L. shall be held liable as follows:

a) The use of the CAM-CONTENT S.L. services within the context of the www.livestrip.com platform takes place at your own risk. In particular, CAM-CONTENT S.L. shall not be held liable for damages, including damages from loss of data, which is caused by downloading content or software from the Internet or due to other transactions in connection with services or the use of www.livestrip.com, which are incurred by the visitor.
b) Notwithstanding the legal grounds, CAM-CONTENT S.L. shall only be held liable for damages that have been caused deliberately or grossly negligently, which have been caused by simply negligent infringement of a material, contractual, main obligation or cardinal obligation, or the lack of a guaranteed characteristic. Otherwise, liability for simple negligence is excluded.
c) In case of slightly negligent infringement of a material, contractual, main obligation, the liability of CAM-CONTENT S.L. shall be limited to the amount of the typically foreseeable loss. In case of damages resulting from gross negligence by ordinary vicarious agents of CAM-CONTENT S.L., the liability of CAM-CONTENT S.L. is limited to the typically foreseeable loss.
d) Liability by CAM-CONTENT S.L. under product liability law shall remain unaffected.

General payment terms:

All transactions carried out from this site by direct debit or credit card are one-time payments. Your bank account details will exclusively be charged with the amount confirmed by you. No monthly/recurring debits or charges will take place.

With the final confirmation of the payment, a binding purchase contract is concluded for online services in our system. Please make a note of the password/user ID generated by the system, so that you can also access the still-available coins later. If you have misplaced this user ID, please contact our Support.

We explicitly point out that we save your IP address. When using external data, criminal charges will be filed. Upon request, we will forward the save IP address to the investigating authorities, who are able to determine your identity with this information.

With payment by direct debit, please note that your credit institution is not obligated to redeem the issued amount if there is insufficient cover. In this case, we will be charged with the resulting returned direct debit fees by our house bank. As the transaction simultaneously also needs to be processed manually, we will charge a handling fee of at least EUR 12.- per returned direct debit. We will assign our entire claim to our collection company, which will issue a reminder notice for the owed amount and collect it using legal means, if necessary.

If a payment should erroneously, e.g. with insufficient cover, not have been redeemed, please contact our Support immediately.

Your bank account details will be saved on the Avicom server for further processing and control. Your details will not be disclosed to others, unless they need to be passed on for collection after returned direct debits.


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